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There is another place an hour from me (5-10 minutes east of Palestine, TX) that can accomodate up to 6 hunters. It is a campsite only. They feed the hunters and semi-guided meaning they take you to the stands and stuff. It is 25 bucks for the campsite and food per day (3 meals) and 50 bucks per hog - no limit - no trophy fees. It is free ranging - no guarantees but you only pay for the hogs you kill or wound. So, if you hunt 2 days and kill 2 hogs it would be 150 bucks. It includes the campsite, trans to blinds and back, food. If you hunted 2 days and killed one hog it'd be 100 bucks. Get the idea? Let me know if anyone's is interested in that. It would probably be a tent hunt or motels close by. Processor is not too far either.
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