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All the guns that meant alot to me were stolen 5 years ago. My first guns, ones my grandad passed down, my dads favorite woodsmaster 742 that he finally passed on to me, ALL GONE.

I was pretty tore up when it happened, but its in the past now. Ive got what i consider better guns now as replacements, and my grandad gave me his favorite gun of all time 2 years ago.

So i got two i guess...
My grandads Marlin 783 .22Mag with a walnut stock.
A VERY VERY old single barrel shotgun that my grandad has had for over 50 years. He carved a new walnut stock for it himself and passed it on to me for keepsakes.

I guess i kinda sorta love my Benelli SBE II as well.
07 Hoyt Vectrix
Benelli SBE II

Huntin' is always better in Kentucky
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