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Yeah, they will either go away from you or right at you. There is a distinct chance they will come at you but the chance is much greater that they will run away. I would be especially cautious about getting between a sow and her piglets - not to take anything away from the dangers involved in hog hunting. I know numerous people that have been ripped wide open by tusks, even a guy that needed several hundred stitches after having his belly ripped open. If they have to gumption to do so, they won't hesitate to charge - they just usually want to get away.

Another problem is they are tough. I shot that 300 pounder with a 180 grain nosler 300 wthby mag. I took out both lungs and shattered his shoulder. He still went 100 yards on me. Worse they're fat usually plugs up whatever hole you've made and they stop bleeding out. So, usually tracking them is reduced to looking for minute drops of blood. I shot one one time and found her 45 minutes later. There was NO blood trail at all. Her first trickle of blood was coming out of her side when I finally found her. I shot her with the .300 wthby too. They ARE TOUGH! My 1st bowkill resulted in a hog that I did not get to get a picture of. I tracked him for 3 hours on my hands and knees, never losing the minute blood trail. I had only gone 50 yards but couldn't go anymore. The briars were too thick. I'd have to have been on my belly in those briars. It was 10:30 PM in a heavily hog infested area and I only had my flashlight and my bow so I left it. Couple of days later the buzzards started on him. He was another 50 yards from where I gave up. Still can't get in there. Never got a pic of my 1st bow kill. THAT's hog hunting - can be great - can be frustrating - always challenging from A to Z. I actually like it better than deer hunting - call me crazy. I definately think that they are more intelligent than whitetail - try patterning them and you'll see what I mean.
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