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Bull Moose is right. There goes another grand on turkey hunting junk!

After my buddy called in about 30 birds all round me from 10ft and beyond (and still not getting a shot) I was hooked - most adrenaline ever. Being that close 30 birds that can see you blink at 50 yards and them not knowing I was there was the best hunting experience I have ever had. The next day I killed my first turkey that he also called in for me. I have been doing it since (4-5 years) only I call my own in now. Got some good toms too. Funny, you never really know you are calling right until you close your first real deal then a light switch goes on (you've arrived).

Newbies, later in the season, at least where I hunt, toms don't vocalize worth a darn, many times not at all. Just keep calling. Just because you don't hear them doesn't mean they are'nt coming...stay at it. Also when you think your morning hunt is done...give it another 30 minutes Also, camo from head to toe (camo also means DON'T MOVE)
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