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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post
125 -150 lbs is fairly small IMHO to consider an average unless your including piglets. I would guess that the average mature hog I see is about 200 lbs. The sow hanging in my pic was 200 lbs. the boar looks unimpressive because of the terrible angle. There was a big stick I used to prop him up because I didn't find him until the next day but he was 300 on the scale. He is the biggest I've taken. My buddy has a number of hogs that will go 300-400 lbs. The place where I shot the black boar in the pic, my buddy the landowner, was charged at 30 yards by a 600 pounder. He twisted his ankle in the process but was able to jump out of the way. He recently shot a 350+ pound hog with 3" tusks. He was a bruiser. I recently missed a 400 lb sow. I see them quite a bit pushing 300 lbs but I never seem to be hunting them at that moment darnit! They're short little creatures but they've definately got some weight to them.

Yes, I've heard that when hog hunting you better take them down with the first shot as they might charge. I can't imagine being chased by a 200-300lb hog, although I think my wife might like to see it filmed.
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