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Originally Posted by rodney482 View Post
I will start off.

Keeping my Drenalin but also buying a Drenalin LD, plan on using the LD for target and hunting

I am going to be using the new MO camo. Nothing worng with break up just need some new clothes.

I am upgrading from Vortex Diamondbacks to Vortex Vipers ....These binos are great
for the $ they can not be beat.

I will be shooting FOB's instead of Blazers...I still love the blazers but the FOB's really stabilize my broadheads well.

Everything else is staying the same.
Once you get your hands on that LD you might not want to shoot your drenalin. I just got my LD today and now Im thinking about getting ride of my apex7 and my dren. And just getting another LD, one for hunting and the other for 3-D. The only difference between them will be the let off 65 for 3-D. Well OK, maybe it will be black or blue.
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