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Hey 4PinkMuzzys:

Welcome to the site! Hope you make yourself comfortable and looking forward to reading your posts and checking out future kills, etc.

Yeah, we have a ton of hogs here. Whereabouts have you been hunting? Are you going to the same place. We have tons of hogs around where I live and there are some VERY affordable hog hunts around here. 250 bucks and less at a couple of places for a weekend.

Most of the hogs I kill are at night with a spotlight. Last one was with a bow. Use a 1/4" peep and a hawglite or hunt under a feeder with feeder lights. using a larger peep allows you to see the hog clearly in the artificial light. A peep too small will not allow you to see effectively when using the lights at night. use a red light. Hogs don't tend to spook with red light. I've heard the same for green. If feeder lights are used it doesn't matter after a little bit hogs get used to the light and come right in to feed. The important thing is to hunt with feeder lights that have been coming on at dusk and turning off at dawn religiously before you ever go to hunt so hogs have "warmed up" to the lighted area. Using a motion or security lighting may not be bad at first but hogs will quickly equate lights turning on to death and avoid feeding stations. They are incredibly smart animals. I don't care what anyone says! Also, if your using a sight light that shines down on your pins adjust it down so that it just barely lights up the pin tips. If it doesn't adjust (like mine) cover the light with electrical tape and put pin holes through the tape to allow enough light through to light up your pin tips. Too much light from your sight light will also blind you (kind of like driving at night with the dome light on). If your sight light is a side mount that lights up the coiled fiber optic wires then don't worry about adjusting it. Your're just trying to light up the sight pins without creating a bunch of illumination within the sight ring. Also hawglites come with a red lens and screw right into the stabilizer hole on your riser. They are about 45 bucks and shine out about 50-60 yards. My tree stand is 17 yards from my feeder and it lights up the feeding area very well from my stand. Hope some of this helps.

If you have questions or need advice on hunting them put it here and I'll try to help. I'm not an expert but I've killed my share.

I also forgot to mention you want to aim low. Their heart is lower and more forward than a deer. What I do is put it right in the front shoulder. You shouldn't have any trouble penetrating the shield and hitting a mess of vitals behind there. With a rifle shoot sows right behind the ear. They won't go anywhere. I don't like to shoot boars there because if the have cutters/wetters I want the skull.

I'd like to hear how your hunt goes. Best of luck!
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