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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
I had a good year. I didn't get that shooter buck I wanted, but there's always next year. I did get some venison in the freezer.

I, too, had a great time at Randy Routier's. I took 2 antelope, a buck and a doe. I can't wait to get the mount back! It'll be like Christmas all over again!!

I've discovered that antelope is not so good medium well. BLECH! Well done, however, it's awesome! For some reason, for me anyway, even the slightest bit of blood makes the meat taste ultra gamey.

I wonder if soaking it in ice water would help like it does with deer? I've heard people tell me that soaking venison in ice water helps with the gamey taste. Some said to add salt, others said to add vinegar, but almost all of them said to soak it overnight. It's supposed to pull out some of the blood or something, and it pulls out the gamey flavor.

We'll see if it works. I've got a small roast cut from the backstrap of my deer soaking now. I'll probably barbecue it when I get home tonight. Or cut it up for jerky.
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