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Bow- Hoyt Katera
Sight- Apex Atomic
Release- Still use my Scott Lil Goose
Optics- Don't use binos much
Stands- Ground hunter
Camo- Love the new Mossy Oak Treestand!!
Broadheads- This year I shot the Hellrazors, LOVED'EM! But next season there will be the Nightmare coming out, so most likely will shoot those.

I get a new bow every 2 years plus being a former hunting rep, I still get good benefits from my manufacturers & old co-workers! So I am hanging up my 2006 Hoyt Trykon for the new Katera, and leaving my Truglo sights & quiver on my Trykon and going with the Apex sight and when I saw the new MO Treestand back in July, sorry Realtree, but I am liking the new camo! I have 1 Non-Typical hang on stand that is up, but I am not in it as much and I hunt mainly on the ground, its not that high anyway, like 12 feet. But since I was a rep for Ameristep, I have many salesman samples of stands and no need to change brands because they have great products.
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