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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post
I have duck calls hanging off my rearview mirror. I practice them pretty much year round when turkey season isn't coming up. When I'm alone in the truck and they're hanging there it makes it easier to practice. They're saying, "Hey, pick me up! 3,5,7 - Hail - Comeback - Feeding Call - right now please!" So I oblige those pretty little calls. I also keep a few diaphram calls in the center console of my truck (when it's not too hot) and practice my turkey calling when I driving around (with the windows up). Pretty much whenever I'm driving by myself I'm practicing a call. I used to listen to one of those CD's that came with some H.S. Strut calls and practice in my truck. It helped alot. Just some tips about practice time. The next few months you'll see me driving around with a mouthcall in my mouth until turkey season.
Im with you on this. I do a lot of calling when I drive. Did you ever look in your mirror and see turkeys running after the truck? Look next time. Let us know if you see any.
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