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Also, my friend has lodging so no motel would be needed to hunt there. He also feeds ya'. Last time I talked to him he was eating burritos with his hunters and invited me down. Man that food's good! I had just finished duck hunting so I couldn't go. Swear I could smell those burritos 40 miles up the road!

Are any of you interested in a group hunt out at my friends place? He tries to limit it to bowhunting (that's primarily what it's set up for, but will allow rifles if ask him. He's pretty flexible. Randy guides there and he's a great guy too. He has high fence area and low fence area. I'd have to see if he has the low fence area ready to go if anyone is interested in that. Can still be tough at times in the high fence. He could probably accomodate up to 6 hunters I'm thinking for a weekend.

I'll let ya'll know what I find out about the 600 acres on Saturday.
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