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I have a bunch of property around Keren's I can hunt and bring a couple of people but don't have any feeders etc set up and many others can hunt there. I just got permission on about 600 acres yesterday about 4 miles from my house. Going to look at it Saturday. May put a feeder out there and a ground blind. I only have one feeder left. My other ones are in Streetman (no guests except family) and Mexia (I'm there on an invite). If it's good I may move my Mexia Feeder over to there and I have another hanging feeder I'm not using. Only problem is that when the corn and milo begin growing my feeders will be useless. Don't know how the wife would feel about "strangers" in the house but if it works out good and you were willing to stay at the local motel I will have some invites in the spring. PM Me if anyone's interested.

There are no sure things. The places I hunt are low fenced and hogs are completely unpredictable. My brother-in-law came down from Montana to hunt with me for his birthday. I had shot a 300 lb boar and a 150 lb sow the weekend before. We spent a week out there and he got one night time shot at 160 yards out of the whole week. He went home Hogless - but he did shoot 2 yotes if I remember correctly. The hogs did not come back around for 6 months. That's just the way they are.

Anyone that I know well in advance that they are coming down to this neck of the woods (like Burrhead) I would be happy to take around the woods looking for hogs. Just remember no sure things. I'm no guide just a fellow hunter.

I have a good friend that owns 4D Outfitters in Mexia, Texas. He's got some that will go 400 lbs! Sometimes I go visit with him and take a hog over there. His rates are very reasonable. If you wanted to do a group hunt I might see if I could get some kind of a discount for ya'll. You can see his site at . A free hog hunt with me just involves advanced notice, have a place to stay - my wife is a scaredy-cat, and no grandios expectations.
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