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It was a dream year.....and it all started back in 2005 when I was bear hunting in Alberta. There was a guy in camp named Ralph and we were talking about caribou hunts. I had told him that a caribou hunt would be a dream hunt for me and I was considering a particular outfitter for the following year.

This guy, Ralph, suggested that I save for one more year and hunt with Mirage because it would be a perfect example of "you get what you pay for".

So, 2 1/2 years later I was doing something that I thought would never be possible........I was hunting caribou in northern Quebec. I shot a nice bull with my rifle and also scored with my bow. Then our focus was fishing and I caught my first brook trout.

Two weeks later I found myself filming ACGary on a combo hunt in South Dakota with Routier Outfitting. I didn't like it there because there were WAY TOO MANY antelope

I met some great people on that trip and filmed my first kill using professional equipment. I also ate about 200 pounds of animal crackers. ACGary had this magical bag that kept refilling itself

In October I recruited a fellow forum member "Brian34" to film me in Illinois. After a quick 90 minute lesson, he had the camera down well enough that I knew we were ready to get at it!!!! On our first night out, we had 7 bucks around us within the first 10 minutes on stand.

The following night started the same with a buck approaching before we were even ready. 30 minutes later I had my best buck EVER on the ground....and we had it all on tape!!!!!!!

Two days later I was playing host to "Adam" from PA as we tried to get a big ILL whitetail on the ground. We had some chances and he got to see a biggen' so the trip was a success in my opinion. It was a hard week of hunting but one of the highlights of my year.

I spent Thanksgiving on Anticosti Island chasing whitetail which was a hunt I always wanted to do but never dreamed it would happen.

AND........I spent the remainder of the year chasing and filming deer with Brian34 back home in Illinois (and we ain't done yet)

Lot of great encounters.......we filmed lots of nice bucks.....and we had a great time doing so.

Best year ever and I made MANY new friends!!!!

Quite a change from what I've been dealing with the past 10 years.....but that is another story.
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