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My grandfather was my idol. He was a cowboy and a hunter so naturally I was enthralled with him. He promised he'd go to my 8th birthday party. Well, the day before my 8th birthday he died. I still remember as if it was yesterday. I was crushed. I still keep a picture of him on my desk at work.

I was given two things of his which I cherish and will never part with. One was his Army Air Corps Bombardier Wings from when he was in WWII.

The other is what was his favorite hunting rifle. One which he built back in 1947. It is a "wildcat" rifle that is chambered in .257 Roberts. It has the old "snap-in" Tasco scope (with dust inside but it's still deadly accurate). It has a very high gloss blued finish and the stock is very similar to a Weatherby Mark V. It has an old German Military Mauser action in it (long extractor). It is Tigerstripe Maple and hand carved with ebony and ivory inlays. It is still (except for a few scratches from hunting trips of old) is in remarkably like new condition. The trigger pull, like most military actions, is too long but I won't ever change a thing on it. I've killed a few animals with it as I know that is what would have made him happy. I will continue to hunt with it on occasion. This is my "special" gun.
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