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One day, a couple of weeks ago, Buddy Bill and I did just that, HUNT. We didn't see a thing but it was a great hunt, nonetheless.

There was a huge snowfall and the blizzard warning had expired, but we decided to go out, because I have 4 wheel drive and we figured there wouldn't be anyone in the woods.

None of the roads were plowed or scrapped. We were making fresh tracks.

We got to our spot, trudged in. Set up and waited. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. We weren't there long when the snow started coming down. I think we got a couple of inches. The snow had pretty well built up on my legs, arms and shoulders, so much you couldn't see much, if any, of the camo. I had to keep knocking it off. Our tracks were completely covered. I thought for sure we'd see at least one shooter...the some yahoo started bellowing for "Abby" the tabby. "Abby!! Here kitty kitty!!" The hunt was over.

Like I said, it was a good hunt, even though we didn't get to shoot or even see a deer.
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