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Default 2012 Archery Buck

Tagged this guy 2nd to last day of the season on 11/15/12. Great morning in a ladder stand in woods approx. 50 yards from a field corner. Came walking down an old logging road at about 9:30am. Didn't even realize how big he was at first. He turned and started coming across in front of me about 20 yards, topped him and let an arrow fly, knew it was a good hit, he immediately turned to go out in the field but angled up and fell on an old fence and broke the wire, got himself up and ran down another old road, this time right below me and then I saw how big he was. Started shaking really bad, lol, and praying he would go down quickly. Thought I heard him go down. I backed out, saw there was good blood where I hit him. Drove home which was about 1/4 mile up the road from the land I was hunting, changed out of my heavy hunting clothing and went back. No probably tracking him I was shooting a 2011 Elite Hunter, 25"DL, 53lb, Easton Flatline 400 arrows with NAP 100 grain Thunderheads.

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