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Default New here...kind of;)

Joined a while back then kind of forgot about here. Then when I got an Archer's Choice calendar for Christmas, it reminded me to get back in here

Brief intro about myself, besides the fact that I love Ralph and Vicki's shows and one day hope to meet them in person, very admirable people!

Have grown up and lived in western NY, no exactly a big buck state but there's a few around. I work as a registered nurse but of course love hunting and maybe one day God will bless me with a husband who loves it as much as I do! I have been hunting around 14 years - archery, small game, shotgun. Just started shooting some 3D last year and won my first league. I was taught some archery and hunting but basically have refined and grown in my skills my self, pretty much a solo hunter and 3D shooter as there's not really any other female hunters I know.

Had my best hunting season in 2012 thanks to God's blessing and will post some pics later on - took my largest shotgun buck and archery buck. Have not done alot this year but I enjoy my small game hunting and also getting our and looking for shed antlers.

Live on a small farm - couple horses, rabbits, ducks, chickens, dogs, and 2 turkeys...nothing like doing barn chores and hearing gobbling

Guess that's it for now! I see this place seems a little quiet. I'll do some picture posting and liven it up around here
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