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Bow Drawn:

In general, Ontario residents don't hunt bear. When I was younger (eons ago) they were considered little more than vermin and some areas had bounties on them.

Since the cancellation of the spring hunt, which was almost exclusively utilized by non-residents, the government drove many outfitters to or to the brink of bankruptcy. Recently, more Ontario residents have taken up bear hunting. I guess the thinking is: "if it was something we were going to be denied, then it must be something pretty good". Generally, though, this is more the younger generation than mine.

Since we now have to do it in the fall, most of us still prefer moose or deer hunting, and are unwilling to do all the work of setting up and tending baits "just for a bear".

I've shot 5 bear in my life - all were incidental to moose hunts. Last year I passed on what would undoubtedly have been the biggest bear of my life. It was early in the moose hunt which would have meant we'd have to give up a day or two in order to handle it, and I was looking for a trophy head, and was unsure if it would "measure up".

The deer in the pictures were taken within 100 miles of Ottawa, where we have the benefit of northern genetics and "southern" agricultural food sources.

The moose are all of the eastern sub-species which tend to score lower than their western cousins, but these guys were pretty impessive. This season I've measured one booner, and one 187+ eastern bull taken with crossbows. Two seasons ago I had a 175+ bull within 61 yds of me, but it was out of my crossbow range, and wouldn't come closer.

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