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Default Another Trophy Show

I was manning the trophy measuring booth at the Carp, Ontario Sportsman's Show, and we had a great weekend.

We had 50 entries including 4 sets of mounted sheds, and measred 3 other trophies after the book closed. So of the 57 measurements, we had 29 that would qualify for FROW (The Ontario Records keeping organization). Unfortunately, we were rushed at the end and gave the sheets and instructions to the owners, but I hope they all submit their entries.

We had a 196 NT buck submitted, as well as a 165 5/8 and 163 3/8 typicals.

We had a number of exceptional moose submitted. Four scored over 180 - the best being 187 4/8 (winning the contest by 3/4 of an inch)and another was over 172.

There were several prizes donated, including some guns, so some lucky winners went away very happy.

Here are a few pictures:

I have many more pictures, but this post is probably already too long to read easily. You may be able to make out some number cards on or near some of the trophies - these are the scores.
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