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Originally Posted by HuntnMa View Post
get the bobble head hen....i'm telling ya , she is the best....she even keeps you on your toes, lol.....i'll be getting sleepy, all of a sudden i see movement out of the corner of my eye, it'll wake ya up, lol.... and the turkeys seem to be more willing to come in to a moving decoy...IMO

I went hunting only a couple of days last year due to my schedule but I had a great setup. I placed my hen decoy out in a field about 150yds away from a road near a wooded patch. I was wearing camo sitting in full cover amonst the woods facing back towards the road.

About once every half hour a car would come down the road passing by the field. You could tell the drivers saw the decoy because they slowed down almost to a crawl as then went by...

I was two hours into the hunt when a local farmer drove his tractor by the field. He put the tractor into low gear and then held one hand up to his mouth.... gobble.. gobble..gobble. He continued gobbling to my decoy until his tractor disappeared out of sight. I was laughing so hard I almost wet myself.
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