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Yuck. Well I have a HUGE 10 pointer that hangs out in my back yard. You have NO idea how hard it is to see that big bugger staring through the sliding glass door as we try to put the dog out. To make matters worse, I have about a 5 foot scrape in the grass and his scat all over the place. Stupid dog thinks its his own personal supply of milk duds. He drags around about 4 massive doe and the babies to boot and now they are all over the back yard too. Never seen anything like it. There was a spike that thought he was going to horn in on the action. Big 10 thought differently. I almost hit the little guy as he busted out of the back yard when I came home from school the other night. Big 10 and I are eyeball to eyeball. No joke! I stand between 5' 11" and 6' 1" depending on the measuring stick, and this dude is right there. Kinda scary.
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