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It's been said that if turkeys could smell they'd be next to impossible to hunt! Good thing they can't smell. I use 2 jakes and a hen (I think - haven't looked at them since last year. Put them out about 15 yards not feet. 15 ft, in my opinion is too close to you. You don't want the turkeys looking directly at you and you do want them out in front of the tree line just a little bit. I usually put them facing me or sideways or any variation there of. I use the little light ones on a pole so usually the wind will dictate a little which way God wants them to face. I usually crow call at first light to locate. If I don't hear back I'll try to do a little spot and stalk and I can find some without getting busted I sit and call. If I don't see them and the don't vocalize I find a spot like I mentioned on a tree line where the sun is going to light it up early in the AM and sit inside the tree line. Turkeys like to bask in those first rays of sunlight and show off. I begin calling softly, then louder until I get a response. If no response, I call at an average tone until I get tired of sitting and there are obviously no birds around. If I see one coming. I soften up and call every minute or so just enough to let him know where I am. If I am just waiting, I'll call about every 5 minutes or so. Don't overdo it. When I call every 5 minutes it's just a couple strings of yelps and a few cuts. The whole set of calling might take me about 20 seconds or so. You want to call enough where they can find you from way off but DONT call constantly. You've got to leave a few minutes in between. When I feel like I may be over calling. I'll stay quiet for about 15 minutes or so then call some more because turkeys have no long term memory. They'll forget they heard calling after a little while so if you think you've messed up then wait a bit then call again. The bad one is when they bust you. They go the other way quickly. Even if they forget why they're going that way they'll keep going that way and they're faster than you think!
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