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Default Jonah!

I've decided to name one of my rifles. Its my Marlin 1895 in 45/70. I'm calling it "Jonah".

I first carried it for 1/2 day in 2007, and two other members of the gang shot deer. I didn't take it back again 'till this year, and because of its weight decided to use it only when I was sitting.

On the afternoon of the first day, I decided to sit in a blind, so took it with me. One of the guys shot a buck. The next morning we were running a drive, so I took it along. Another guy shot two deer. I retired it for the rest of week 1.

On monday morning of week 2 I sat my blind again, and took the 45/70 - a guy shot a doe. That afternoon I decided to sit where I saw a bear during the moose hunt, so took the Marlin - another guy shoots a doe.

That night I told the guys how the gun was a jinx for me, but a good luck charm for everyone else in camp, and decided to leave it on the wall for the rest of the week.

The next morning when heading out, I tripped and got a bunch of mud in my barrel, so had to switch to the Marlin - guess what - the third guy shoots a doe. - thus using our last tag and ending the hunt.

Next year, if those guys want me to carry that 45/70, they'll have to come up with cash - and a lot of it!
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