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We got home from our moose hunting excursion on October 2nd. We brought home a ton of good memories, about 8 ruff gouse and a belly full of pickeral, but alas, no moose. We had bulls responding to our calls, but with no bull or cow tags, all we expected to get were some pics or footage. On a couple of the days, the bulls that were responding to our calls were hauled back by a very upset cow.

Leige, funny you should mention the military base. On our way home we passed by Petawawa and while driving past the shooting / bombing range near the base, we saw a moose piled up alongside the road near one of the entrances to the range. We were tempted to stop for some roadkill, but opted to keep on truckin' home.

All we'd a needed was Larry, Darrell & Darrell's Gourmet Guide to Roadkills to top off the trip.

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