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Default Change of plans

So, my goat hunt went belly up. Seems my host's nephew decided to get married in Mexico, in early October (??? Who gets married in the fall, unless your honeymoon is in an elk/moose/deer camp somewhere? I mean, REALLY???) On top of that, tag numbers in the zone that my daughter and I drew for, were reduced to 1, from 10, so those plans have to change, for the future (different zone, somewhere). Having said that, Marilyn and I are going Elk hunting next week, which should be fun, AND, my sheep hunt is still a go. We hike in to the sheep hills on the 15th, and I am not coming out until I kill a ram, or I have to come out to go back to work. I haven't lost as many pounds as I would have liked, but I'm in much better condition, both physically and mentally. My rifle is holding MOA at all ranges, my gear is ready, and I'm PUMPED!! Hopefully, I will be posting pictures later on in October. Best of luck to everyone who has a special hunt lined up.

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