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The storms cleared out on Sat afternoon, leaving behind a full and extremely bright moon. Mnonday morning, the 18th, I was up and gone long before daylight. When I got to my spot, the moon was dropping behind the ridge still shining as bright as a MAGLITE. The gobblers were talking it up and I was getting tore up! I climbed a ridge and got above the closest one. I yelped a few times and that bugger started doubling up on his music. I heard him fly down...then heard him gobbling as he walked away from me. After sitting and calling for about 45 minutes, I moved over a ridge or two and tried again. He answered, but not too excited. It may have been a shock response because he didn't answer again for 15 mintues, this after I'd changed calls. No responses for 30 mintues, so I moved again. I was cruisin' another ridge top, when I paused to give another yelp. Three gobblers answered from the field below me! I hunched down next to a big ole oak and called again, softly. Again, I'm answered from below. At their gobbles, a gobbler sounded off from over my right shoulder. CRAP! I'm surrounded! What a position to be in...3 shells in my shotgun and I can only get one a day. I see the three comeout of the field and start up the ridge. I think I hear the one off to my right walking in the leaves, but I can't see him. The three heads coming my way are changing colors. White bleeding over to blue, waddles hanging, stopping to strut, generally showing off, that's when I realize they're all jakes. Still, I hear steps in the leave to my right, just can't see him...Lordy! my heart's gonna blow up! I've got the shotgun on my steady sticks, pointed towards the jakes, when they cross into my zone. I'd checked distances to various trees when I'd first seen them. As the lead bird passed the 35 yd marker, I tried to see the one off to my right. No dice. TOO BAD! BOOOOM! He'd stepped into my sight picture and I wasn't waiting any longer. When the gun came back down from recoil, there's 2 feet sticking right straight up and 2 tailends burning down the ridge away from me. I have no idea what happened to the bird off to my right. He'll be there Sat morning, I hope. I'm taking a 14yr old then. He's killed some nice deer but never a turkey. I'd like him to get a shot at one of the big ones over there.
Anyhoo, mine weighed in under 20lbs, by my guesstimation and had a 4'' beard. Not huge, but he'll do. I've got the rest of the season to get another.

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He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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