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I got on gobblers 7 out of 8 days....unheard of on public land..the first time my gun didn't fire, that was opening morning....those birds are smart, lol.I had a quota hunt I had to scout for so I left those birds in the woods until next week.My quota hunt went just like it should of, had this gobbler doing the same thing everyday for 3 days,th 2nd day we had quarter sized hail, so I had to go look to see if he was still alive,I got trapped in the storm from hell, but he came out strutting and gobbling and I took video, the storms audio in the background, him gobbling, it was cool.So......
I got up at 1:00a.m., sitting there all alone just shaking from head to toe with excitement, it's time to go in, woohooo...I knew I was going to screw this up if I didn't calm out to my area, the water level was ridiculous, no one state should get that much rain the day before a turkey gobbling until late... I hear it waaaaaay in there, but I heard him,so I yelped as loud as I could and did some cutting so he knows I was there...just about then some wood ducks flew in...then 2 hens and a male bird flew down, thought it was game on, turned out to be a jake, God's April fools joke on me, lol....they fed around forever, then 2 does came in and the jake and the one doe got into a kicking match, it was too cool...a lil gator hung out ...then blue heron made it's way in too...I knew the big bird was making his way to me but he was hung up, finally I got agressive and he triple gobbled and he was coming in on a string,the jake went to meet the gobbler...a few minutes later they came walking in, he was gobbling and strutting, it was beautiful...I had brought my rangefinder with me because it's so open and I wanted to know the distances before....he got to 60yds., the jake's constantly next to the tom, finally he made it to 50, he's open, just a few more steps, he's at 40 yds.,I pulled the trigger, he dropped, I see him go to flop, shot him again, i wasn't taking any chances, lol...kinda over reacted there...went to chamber my third shot and ejected it into the river, lol...thank God he was dead, lol.The jake hung out for about 5 minutes after and another wood duck flew in and out, lol.It was like I was in a hunter's dream, all those critters and my gobbler coming in gobbling and strutting.I just knew with those many eyes , I'd be busted but I wasn't
I was waiting for GobblerD to come by in his airboat but that never happened,lol...Toby met me and we went to retrieve him, couldn't do it alone, I don't like alligators, lol
Aprils Fools Day Gobbler
10 1/16'' beard
3/4'' spurs
15.8 lbs

Happy Huntin' to all

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