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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
Yea I'm a Mathew's fan boy LOL. I've owned a few other makes but pretty much kept the Mathews going. I owned the M6 and it was a great shooter. I sold it once I shot the M7 and bought the M7. I have not shot the the MR series yet and like you that is all I have heard that they are easier to draw and handle much better than the first Monster's. I did try the Z7 Magnum and I have been breaking it in since I bought it a week ago now.
I have not commited to going with some friends due some stuff going on at home. Maybe if things get turned around there if not maybe a pronghorn trip out west again would be fun.
You going this spring instead of the fall bear trip?

I'm going fall bear hunting as always in Ontario. In fact a buddy of mine is coming with me and he is from Ohio. Goog talking with you and I hope and pray all the things going wrong at home turn around for you! Take care Sir!

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