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Default Goat/Sheep hunt - 2011

Well, I've got a busy schedule planned for the fall. The vast majority of Oct will be taken up in the mountains of BC and Alberta. I have a BC Mountain Goat hunt planned for the middle of Oct, immediately after which I will head east to the Rockies on the Alberta side for Bighorn sheep. As well, my daughter and I will probably both be drawn for non-trophy sheep (ewes) if we put in for it, so the early part of Sep could be spent in the mountains, too. The Sep trip would probably be a good tune-up for BC, so we will probably go for it. Sooooo, I'm gonna be busy getting into shape. Gotta take off a few pounds, and hit the river hills near my place. Gonna need "Buns of steel" and "Lungs of iron", LOL. I'll keep everyone posted.

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