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Default SD Mountain Lion

My good friend came across some mountain lion tracks this past week. In SD landowners can hunt lions on their own ground year round, and reisdents can hunt in the black hills during the mountain lion season. So he put in for a tag, which he ussually has every year but didn't this year for some reason. He kept track of it all week. It killed a buck on tuesday, so he whatched to make sure it kept coming back. He got his tag on friday so we set out after it. He sat in a tree stand and we pushed the cat by following his tracks. After a while of doing this the cat suddenly appeared 15 yards in front of him, it looked at him and he shot it in the neck with a .243 and it ran off. When seeing the blood we thought he would not go far, but mountain lions must not need blood to live because he kept going and going. He stayed in the same block of trees for a long time then must have got tired of walking circles around us and took off across a corn field. I tracked him across the corn field while the rest of them went aroung to a different area where I would meet up with them to tell them which direction he went. I tracked him through the corn into a bunch of fallen trees along the river. After I was sure which direction he went I met up with the rest of the crew and we sent him down to the river in front of the cat and myself and another guy went to push the cat. We took up the tracks and they came to a bunch of fallen trees not far from where I left him, I told Corey, this looks like an ambush site. Little did I know how right I was, while I tracked him over a big fallen tree into a big pile of dead trees there was a fresh bed, I was inside the tree pile trying to find out which way he went out of there when Corey said there he is, which was about six feet in front of me over top a log I was about to look over. Corey was carring a 12 gauge, he shot and the cat jusmped up in the air and I jumped up out of the tree pile. Corey shot him two more times to ensure he was down. What an amazing animal and an awesome experience. It was a male that weighed 130 pounds. In hind site, I might carry more than just a stick while tracking a mountain lion next time.
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