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Originally Posted by burrhead View Post
Sorry I haven't been able to put up the points on the board so far this year, its been a crazy fall. My sister had a stroke three weeks ago, she is only 39 years old, it will be a long road to recovery but she is strong and improving every day. I have been busy at work, it has been a great fall for getting grass seeding done and I have been going at it pretty hard so that has taken away from my tree stand time, its hard to stay in the tractor when there are big bucks running around like crazy. I have made it out a few times and have passed some really nice bucks, but I have a couple of bucks in mind and am holding out. I didn't draw alot of tags this year so I'm hoping to make my archery tag count. I promise I will put some points on the board, its is snowing now and looks like I might have some time to hunt. Good luck to everyone and congrats to all that have been successfull so far.
Prioritize things is important, I feel no apology is needed burrhead. Heck I've been in the same boat with other things keeping me out of the woods. Season isn't over yet.
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