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Originally Posted by coorsdrifter View Post
Let me start this off by saying I AM NOT a wine drinker.That being said,a local vineyard had a big to do this weekend,so I stopped in to see what was going on.As I was talking to one of the ladies that was working she recommended this particular type of wine for venison.She WAS a very persuasive salesperson.Any ways,I get home and throw some elk steaks on the grill,time to try some wine.At this point please refer to the 1st sentance... I am not a wine drinker,the only wine I have ever had was Wild Irish Rose (not the best stuff) to my dismay the bottle has cork,again see comment about Irish Rose.I look all over the house for a cork screw without any luck,just as I was about to give up hope,I see the solution to my dilema... So you might be a Redneck if....You have ever opened a bottle of wine with a screw-in step for a tree stand!!
Screw-in-step for a tree stand? Oh! I thought that they were for opening wine bottles. So that explains why they were in the hunting aisle...

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