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I'm calling him my Bittersweet 4 point buck...Got him yesterday.
I got in my stand,no sooner than I brought my gun up, had a doe come in and pee, so I wasn't shooting her, she kept looking back, so I got ready, there he was , put the crosshairs on him and she spooked because she walked to my stand and smelled the flashlight i had dropped, lol, so he jumped, thank God I didn't pull the trigger, now he was hiding behind this thick clump and it was a stand off for about 10 minutes, my arms were so tired of holding my gun up, I thought I might drop it, so I hit the trigger and eased my hammer back just in case I did drop it, when I did ,it clicked, he bolted, a nice nice buck, full rack, just beatiful....I wish I could of just lowered my gun but I couldn't see his eyes and I was afraid to move...lesson learned.
Then I had a lil doe come in and this grunting fool coming my way, so I got ready, there he was, a spike, lol...he was so horned up and he couldn't find the lil doe, he must of ran by me a dozen times looking for her, lol.Then out of my left , I see a deer moving , got in my lane, then he did, I bleated, he stopped I saw crab claws shining in the sun's light and I shot....I wasn't about to count points at this point...hunting public land literally walking 3 miles in, I wasn't leaving meatless.I've hunted 7 days of archery and 3 of muzzleloader so far and I'm tired of walking so far and passing up legal this younging had to come home...bittersweet 2yr. old, 115 lbs.
Happy Huntin' to all

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