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Generally a good rule of thumb is the higher the better but a lot depends on situation and your comfort with heights. The majority of my stands are close to 20 feet, however I've had stands I use for gun season where I'm set off a trail or on a field edge so the deer are at a distance that have been 8-10 feet up. On the other extreme I've got stands in big trees that are 25-30 feet. The biggest thing to take into account when setting your stand is available cover, you can be 30 feet up a tree but if you have no cover (branches/leaves) you will get skylined and any movement will get you picked off or you can also be 10 feet up in a really thick well concealed stand and never get busted. Another thing to think about is shooting lanes. When I pick the tree I'm going to set a stand in, I'll set up my ladder stick or rapid rails and start to climb. As I reach what I think is my desired hunting height I'll start to look at available shooting lanes if nothing is available I may go a little higher or lower to take advantage of openings that are already there so you don't have to trim as much.
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