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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
Yeah. A join date of April then waiting to put something like this out there?

Don't know about ya'll but if I hunt and come up on something I want to take, I KILL IT. I don't agree with the term "Harvest". I didn't grow the deer or turkey, so I don't harvest. That term is one that is used to be PC. PC ain't me. Having a guide is like Tim said. Access to game or properties that you may not otherwise be able to hunt.
Also would like to add that in my opinion I think the term "harvest" comes from the fact that a lot of hunters do in a way grow their own deer heard with proper management and food plots and supplements and so on and so forth so in a way they are harvesting something that they have "grown"...but yes when all is said and done we are all "killers" like it or not

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