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AF, not a bad idea but I think it might be hard to keep pace with the fourm. Ok take this post for example. This thread was started about 2 days ago, and currently R+V are in the Yukon. Figure it will be at least a week before Vicki would get back and I think it is several weeks before Ralph returns. Assuming they both would be available to film a reply to this post the 1st of October. it would then take some time -- say a week (I'm guessing here) to edit into a show. After the show is put together and then sent to the Outdoor Channel it would be at least another couple weeks before it would air. So for a single reply to a thread that was started in mid September it would be at least the first part of November before it would actually hit the air. I'm not trying to bash your idea, I actually think it would great to have that kind of interaction with forum members, but I don't think it would be an efficient way of keeping in touch with active members. I think we all need to spread the word about the ACM forum when we visit other boards, don't be aggressive or rude but just suggest they take a look around and see if they like it....I'm guessing most will.
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