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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
Congrats!! Nice pumpkin head on him! Is that your best one so far from there?
How'd your video come out?

Hey that's a cool hat Eh! LOL!

That encounter with the sow is very unusual but that would be my worst fear. I have talked a young guy in bear camp that had a young teenager bore or sow climb up and put the smeller right on the hunter and then try to nip him. He had to get rough and tough with it too. After thinking about it he said he had blood on his pants from his brother's bear from the night before and he guessed that was the reason for his close encounter.

Hey bd
Yeppers..thats my best bear with Gary. I could always hold out longer knowing what kind of bears(on trail cams) are there. But when I see one that I'm happy with I go for it. I got to get the skull out and measure it. Pretty sure it'll make the book. The vid turned out awesome I think. I'm green behind the ears with it does not take much to please!

My encounter with the sow was at full speed. She didn't just come loping up for a sniff. It was faster than a human could react...and she started the charge at 20 yards I'm a thankful man today!! I can't wait until next fall!
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