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Default My 2010 hunt

Hey gang

Just got back from Ontario yesterday. We had a great trip. I had a sow charge up my tree with intent to kill. I had to fight with my bow and a couple of hard kicks to get her to back down the tree!! One guy almost left camp due to my story. I talked him and myself out of giving up and getting back on the horse for another ride. Following the night of the sow and I doing MMA in the tree I found myself tucked into a blind deep in the Canadian bush. A beatiful set on one small peice of high ground over looking a large swamp. About 5pm the wind died down and I knew it was a matter of time. Right at 6pm I caught movement to my left out a port hole. I saw the wide back side and knew this was my boar. I flipped the vid cam on prepared myself for the shot. Seconds passed and without a sound until his head came into view at the bucket. I checked the cam angle, drew the bow, and got ready. I was so amped from my earlier episode with the sow that I didn't let him eat. He leaned over the bucket at 20 paces and the arrow was gone. The broadhead took out both lungs. He only made it 35 yards to his resting place followed by the death moan. I shook sooo bad with the roller coaster of emotions from all the prior events. With my hands to the sky I gave thanks to God for sparing me over and letting me have such a fine boar! I knew If the sow really wanted to get me she could have with ease! Here's some pics of my boar. Hope you all have/had a great fall bear hunt as well! God bless!!!
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