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Hoyt 124, Hey buddy congrats on your bear, I am doing the opposite, heading up to MRA on the 11th then to Alaska with Wade Renfro's to try and HOYT a brown bear.
I can tell you that you are in for a treat, the water levels have been lower than normal but all is sounding great. The Hess has some monster there, and Don was actually checking out the borders again, seems like MRA's area might be a bit bigger than what was known, but I think Don was going to check it out. Your hunt you are on is hitting the rut dead on and you should have some CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. SHould have heavy frost in the mornings, it will be chilly in the boats then, snow should be on the tops of the mountains and many of the bulls will be down low messing with the cows. We have been hearing and seeing more wolves and I hate that, and last year we saw a nice grizzly. If you have any questions, just email me at and I will respond as soon as I can. Don is a great guy, he is very concerned about your hunt and takes the time needed to make things right. Thanks for watching Moose Mania 2, and hopefully we will share with you Moose Mania 3. Don't forget to email us, we will be getting out of camp right as you come it. I believe we are going into the Tay this year. MOOSE MANIA LIVES ON.....
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