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Originally Posted by ACPOSSETIM View Post
I don't personally shoot this setup but have shot one like it before. Not trying to speak for why Ralph shoots this, but If you look close he is using a kisser button. A peep is just another way to verify your anchor point, much like a kisser button does. If you anchor consistenly enough, you should be able to shoot accurately without using a peep sight. A benefit of not using a peep is better vision (not trying to look through a small hole to see your front sight.) in low light conditions. Hope this clears it up for you.....and of course we'll see what Ralph has to say on the subject!!
Tim thanks. I know how that works. I just never notice Ralph or Vickie using a peepless setup. So many Pro-hunters on the TV these days still use a rubber/silicone tube connected peep and I wonder why that is too. Just saying.
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