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I have been fortunate enough to 'guide' Ralph and Vicki on more than one occasion. I guided several guests up in the Yukon and very few could match these 2 in their intensity - and that is not a simple hunt. It's a shame airtime does not allow them to show all that happens on a hunt. They were constantly helping with camp chores and I can guarantee, watching Vicki up to her elbows cutting up a moose is a beautiful thing to see!

As far as killin' goes, you should see Ralph's demeanor change when the game is on - bad news for that animal! As for Vicki, how many could nock a 2nd arrow and pull off a killing shot while an already hit, pi$$ed off bull moose is closing in at under 10 yards!

So as to your question, I would have to say they're both.

Also, if you did a little research, you'd realize a lot of jurisdictions they hunt in require a guide - such as most areas in Canada.

They could share my 'hunting' camp anytime.

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