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Originally Posted by cgshp49 View Post
Welcome to the world of bow hunting! Last year my wife got started into bow hunting as well. I would reccomend that you shoot as many bows as possible to find the one that feels best in your hand and shoots the best for you. Going on price alone can be a bad thing as you may get a bow that is not right for you and it may turn you away from what I call "the most frustrating sport you will ever love." Better to spend the $ now and get get the bow that works best for you instead of buying a bow that you do not like, not getting what you paid on a resale, and then buying another bow that fits you. We looked at several bows and she finally settled on the Parker Sidekick XP (in pink of course). Some of the reasons we went with the Parker are: 1.It was in pink 2. adjustability. No press needed to adjust the draw length 3.It is pink 4. Life time warranty 5. Cuz it's pink 6. Grow up with Parker plan. This is where you can start out with a bow that pulls 30-40#. She currently has it maxed out to 42#. If you work your way to the point where 40# is not enough, you can send the bow to the factory, and for $50 they will put new limbs on that go from 40-50#. 7. Did I mention it comes in pink? 8. Price. It came with sights, quiver, peep sight, and a whisker bisquit. We got a half dozen Beman junior hunters for her and spent less than $400.
.....Pink, you say?
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