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I've used several differant types of BH's over the years. I started out (in '88) with some 3-blade disposables (can't remember what they were called), then the 125g Muzzy 4-blade (much success), then tried the Grim Reaper's (they suck, lost 2 deer, 1 really nice buck), then I tried the 100g Muzzy 3-blade (couldn't get em to fly right). After that, I started lookin at mechanicals again. I looked at several types, but most are over the top deploying and I just do not like that type. Too many things can go wrong especially on quartering shots. I've heard too many horror stories about arrow deflection as the blades try to deploy. I finally settled on the 100g Rage 2-blade. I know they aren't what Ralph n Vicki use, but they work great! I tested them by stabbing em through a plastic grocery sack. The blades deployed every time. Awsome entry and exit wounds! Massive blood trails. The first buck I shot with one left a 5-6' wide blood trail, and did not get a pass through. Looked like I hit him with an axe, and cut one of his lungs almost in half! The second was a "bad" hit. Too far back, but, he still only went 80-100yds before he expired. Nothing but good things to say about the Rage!
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