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You're starting to ask for help and that's a good thing.

Find the best bow shop in your area or has the best reputation for having the best guys behind the counter. Next go in and ask to be measured for a bow, compound bow. Like draw length first off and then see if they have a bow you can try out with the potential legal hunting poundage. The State you live in usual print what the minimum poundage for a hunting bow, typically it is 40 pounds. Once you have done that then you can start reading posts about bows and the accessories before you actually shop for one. One place on the web is Archery Talk . com. It has a classified section that has a sorts of used bows and stuff to check out.

Don't ever stop asking questions cause there is a bunch of stuff to learn about archery and bow hunting. But it is very much a blast so I warn you before you get to far into it that you might think about it alllllllllllllll the time.
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