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Originally Posted by AF Hunter View Post
When going to hunt elk, will your same bow setup that you use for deer be adequate? Do you need heavier arrows or broadheads? Help me out on this one please.


If you have a high enough energy out of your setup for larger big game (KE rating) then I would say you're good to go - hunt approved.
"Here is a list of what seems to be the general consensus. Remember, nothing is better than a well placed shot.

Small Sized Game - 25 ft-lbs

Medium Sized Game (Deer, antelope, etc.) - 25-40 ft-lbs

Large Sized Game (Elk, Moose, Black Bear) - 50-65 ft-lbs

Dangerous/Tough Game (Cape Buffalo, Grizzly, etc.) - 65 ft-lbs and above"

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