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Originally Posted by bear1 View Post
Happy to hear that some of you had an exciting, fun hunt. My family's hunt in Sask. was a nightmare, 2 years of planning, saving, and waiting. We got bears, nothing big. Outfitter was a jerk, he said he was refunding my money, still waiting. If any one want to message me so you don't book with them.

But then the good news, booked a fun hunt in Quebec, had a great time, got a nice bear. I was happy. The only bummer was we were both so sick for the Sask. hunt it was hard to hunt. Booked again in Quebec, same week. If I can get my daughter to post pictures I'll have them on.

Thats to bad you had a bad outfitter,I never had a good year myself.Nothing but crappy weather every time I got days off and never seen more then 3 bears all season and I put a lot of time in this spring.Next year I'm going back to my old hot spot.

Do you have any pics?

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