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Default my bad

I guess I have not checked out Grey Owl Camps. When I saw the name It reminded me of another camp in Northwest Ontario. I think they are called Grey Ghost Outfitters. My bad. I have to say that would be a haul from my home to Grey Owl. The rates are a little cheaper and the hunting is as good as I've seen. Lot less driving as well for me. Plus this year my little group is possibly going to be able to hunt one of Gary's BMA's that has not been hunted in 8 years now!!!!! We went in there last fall after our hunt was done and I about went nuts looking at the bear sign. The logging roads in there are so over grown the brush was hitting 2 feet in on the front of the ol' bait truck. This falls hunt is gonna be a good one! Got to stop talking about it now or I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight... I wish everyone a great spring and fall hunt this year!! God Bless
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