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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
go to any quick lube place. they usually have them. they might charge a few bucks for them, but its worth it. and if they don't have them, then ask if they can keep a couple for you. lot of work to clean them, but like I said, worth it.

Timba, going on a group hunt with another site. they are a blast. hog hunting in georgia. along with some moonshine at night. plus the costs are a lot less if you do it on a regular basis. another group from this other site does an elk hunt in idaho every year. total cost to go is around $750 incuding the licenses. maybe we can keep in touch and figure out how to make something like this happen. get the tents and such. let me know.
Thats not a bad price at all,I spent that on a elk trip with 2 other guys up here and we never saw a thing.I like hunting with a group of other hunters,I love it at night sitting around having a few drinks and talking about hunting.keep me in mind if some thing ever comes up,I would have to clear it with the wife first
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