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Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
I have been intreagued with Bear hunting for about 10 years and have went about it more like most NYers go at it...just hoping to bump into one while deer hunting. We can not use bait and if memory serves me correctly no more that 2oz of scent...Has anyone found these scents to work without a bait sight?
I know that Beaver Castor is that secret ingredient. What about a grease drag...if its not consentrated more than 2oz at my ambush...would that work?
Maybe I just need to head North North/West and find me a good outfitter!
Sorry for the newbie with all the questions!

I have heard of guys using beaver castor lure on toilet paper and hanging it around a spot were baiting wasn't aload.I'm sure it would work if the wind was right and there was bears in the area.

what about doing a burn?are you aload to do that?I think that would work the best take out a small propane burner and get some old bacon grease smoke filling the air.
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