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Default Moose Lottery Coming Soon

The moose lottery in Ontario is coming up soon. The applications have to in by May. It's usually May 15th, but that date has changed a little in the last year or so to Mat 31st I think mostly because of problems with the MNR's automated system I believe.

We had a bull tag last year in our group so we have one less Pool 1 application and one of my son's friends who went with us last year didn't buy a moose license until after the lottery, so he's in Pool 2 as well. So our group tally will be 4 x Pool 1 and 2 x Pool 2 applications.

Chances of an Archery Bull tag are slim at best, but the past two years they've increased the cow tags in my WMU (Wildlife Management Unit), allowing some 2nd Choice applications to draw a cow tag. Pretty hard to get a cow with the bow as they're harder to call, unlike the bulls at that time of year. To hunt cows you pretty much have to look for well used trails at feeding sites, set up stands and just wait.

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